This is a short note for all the movie fanatics out there. It’s also a note or two for mad gamers. It’s time to kill two birds with one stone. What’s going to happen here is that you’re going to go back to the movies and re-watch and re-live all the great fun you had and all the memories you created around them. Then it’s off to where the real fun starts. We’re going to go with one theme. It’s a good choice, we think because it’s still very much a firm favorite among all movie fans, young and old. As they say, you saw the movies, now try the mobile games.

And in this case, you’re going to be going back to that all time favorite, well, one of the all time favorites anyhow, of the Jurassic era. To be more specific, you’re going to be part of the movie and you’re going to become a Jurassic Park Builder. If you’ve already seen the movies a few times over you might have a taste of what’s coming. But if you’ve only seen each movie once, then it’s recommended you get back to your big flat screen and do a bit of streaming and start your R & D. You’re going to need it if you want to be the best creator of dinosaurs and builder of theme parks in town.

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And then you’re good to go visit and start up your Jurassic Park Builder game. Could this really be a game, mind you? It looks like a lot of hard work. But that’s great because the best mobile games all carry loads of challenges to help you win the big prize. This is what’s great about this theme. It’s one of those games that keep on going and giving. There’s always work to be done. There’s so much of it to be done. You’d better prepare yourself for hours on your mobile. There’s plenty of space for breathers, because that’s what’s great about a lot of these games.

As an ongoing project, it’s not all live. When you need to compose your thoughts, re-strategize or just take a break, you can pause play. And the games stops right there. And when you’ve had your rest or finished with your homework, you can press play and carry with your building.